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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Haunted - But Not By Ghosts

     As I pointed out once before, people who experience various shades of weirdness tend to contact ufologists, even when there is no apparent connection with UFOs. Take, for instance, this bizarre haunting which was reported to the Mutual UFO Network in 2011. Of course, there is no way to confirm its authenticity, but at least it lacks some of the normal features of made-up stories, such as a beginning, middle, and end. For obvious reasons, the publisher suppressed the informant's name.
North Dakota family reports problems with cat-faced creatures.
Bismark, North Dakota - Two male residents of our house have seen short, whiter-than-white creatures with long tails and cat-faced mouths. They walk on two pointed back legs. If you try to hit or touch the creatures, you are stunned and cannot move until the creature has moved past. They make no noise! We do not know when the silent creatures are coming, but this has been going for at least a year. They touch my Dad on his leg, his knee, and seem to jump on our beds because we can feel the movement. They mess with me, and when I wake up, I cannot remember what happened. We don't do drugs or drink, and I cannot imagine what is going on.
     We got a pit bull to scare these creatures away, but they freak my dog out. He has gotten so hyper that we have to give the dog anti-nerve medicine. Sometimes there is more than one creature in the house, particularly on Wednesday afternoons until Thursday nights. Sometimes we can hear what sounds like boxes being dragged across the floor, but when I get up and check, there is nothing.
     This week I found weeds and grass from the outside bushes by the back door. I have two movie cameras set up with night vision, but these creatures manage to avoid getting caught on film. One night I was sleeping with the camera on and my feet started moving up and down. I was not doing it, but nothing was caught on the camera other than my feet.
MUFON UFO Journal no. 518 (June 2011) p 15

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