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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

"Gigantic Birds" and "Bedroom Visitors"

     It can't be said that all of us Smiths live humdrum lives. Take, for instance, D.G. Smith of Leicester, England. In 1992 he wrote to the editor of Flying Saucer Review, and when his letter was published on page 25 of volume 37, no. 3, the editor commented that, in 45 years of ufology he had developed a feeling for the "UFO nut cases", and his intuition was that this one was genuine. In any case, as with most of the articles on this blog, there is no evidence that it is false apart from the obvious fact that it is fantastic. I shall therefore let you decide for yourself. The italics are in the original. It would have been useful if the author had been more specific about the location of the events. I suspect his/her native land of the USA.
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Dear Mr.Creighton, - In FSR 36/4 [I haven't read it myself] considerable coverage was given to reports of "gigantic birds" seen on the Island of Puerto Rico.
     This immediately jolted my memory back to 1987. It was about 7.00 a.m. and I was standing, along [?alone], one Saturday, at the usual street-corner, awaiting the arrival of the company's coach to pick me up. I distinctly recall that everything appeared peculiarly "quiet". (The so-called 'Oz Factor'?). There seemed to be no traffic on the roads, and nobody in sight. I felt disoriented and apprehensive. I glanced to my left, and there, passing slowly some ten feet [3 meters] or so above the adjacent buildings was a horrendous wing-flapping 'contraption' travelling at maybe 10 m.p.h. [16 kph] or so. I was absolutely flummoxed. In the U.S. Air Force I had served as an observer, so I know that I was not seeing anything 'normal'! Far from it!
     I estimated the wing-span of the thing (I term it an 'artificial contraption') to have been about 30 ft. [9 m]. The thing had a head, which it kept turning this way and that. It had a beak, like the beak of an eagle, and I can only describe its eyes as having some evil intent.
     I stood there transfixed, and never took my eyes off the 'bird' until, after about two minutes, it had passed out of my field of vision. The coach arrived five minutes later, and I recall the driver asking me: "Are you going to stand there for ever?"
     I have never forgotten that incident, and recall getting very drunk that night. I only wish I had had a camera with me at the time.
     I have followed the "UFO scene" for years, starting with the accounts of George Adamski in my own country (U.S.A.). I have observed UFOs in flight, and indeed sometimes I have that vague feeling that, away back in the United States, I may have been abducted, but I cannot recall anything definite. Yet that vague impression still persists.
     A year ago, and lasting for about a week, I had nightly 'visitations' here. To describe it briefly, I would awaken suddenly and always there would be a blindingly [sic] globe there, next to my oaken walk-in wardrobe, and a little humanoid figure would be cavorting around the bottom of my bed. The light of the globe was as bright as the light of the Sun, so that it seemed as though it were mid-morning, and not 2-3 a.m. in the night.
     I was completely paralyzed. I could not look directly at the globe, for fear of being blinded by it. But the overall impression of the experience seemed to be benign. Nothing of a nightmare nature. The 'globe' and the creature left me by simply diminishing in light intensity, and the room darkened again, and I felt that I could move once more and read the numerals of my clock-radio.
     What was the purpose of it all? I'd naturally like to know. (Perhaps my subconscious knows?).
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

     What more need be said? I wonder why he interpreted the big bird as an "artificial contraption". As for the nighttime visitations, accompanied by paralysis, readers will be aware that the usual interpretation is firstly, night terrors and secondly, UFO abduction, but this does not appear similar to either. Does it sound like something someone would make up?

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  1. Since he doesn't say where he was, though he mentions a "coach" instead of a bus as we call them, possibly living in the US but from England? There are parts of Texas that have sightings of Pterodactyl-like creatures. Also the desert areas of New Mexico or Arizona (the thunder god is depicted as a giant bird figure). And I would swear to reading something about other sightings of flying cryptids in other states, and not that pestiferous Moth Man.