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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A Brief Hiatus

   There will be a brief hiatus in posting on this blog, for three reasons. Firstly, I am concentrating on writing my book. Secondly, when I get back to this blog, it will be to write some lengthy dissertations. Thirdly, unlike many bloggers, I have a life.
     If you wish to read my next article, feel free to put your e-mail address in the box in the right hand corner marked, "Follow by Email", and it will be sent to you once it is written.
     In the meantime, you may wish to check through the previous articles, especially the early ones, which have a tendency to be overlooked. Here is an index.

General Discussions
On Tulpas, Guardian Angels, and Figments of the Imagination. Something came back with her from the Other Side. But first we need to know more about the interface of psychology and psychic phenomena.
Phantom Leopards and Collective Hallucinatons.  A psychological thread connecting a voodoo ritual, a Spanish church, Mormon temple, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Memories of Recycled Souls? The evidence for and against reincarnation.
On Pixilation and Poltergeists. We've all had the experience of something disappearing and then reappearing where you least expect it. There may be something deeper involved.
How Can Solid Objects Appear Out of Thin Air? The title says it all: one of the most amazing phenomena of poltergeist activity.
Sugar Out of Nowhere. Another case of solid objects appearing out of nowhere.
Levitating Saints - and Others. Both Christian mystics and the demon possessed can apparently levitate.
How Can Anyone Live Without Eating? It sounds fantastic, and pointless, but there seems to be good evidence for it.

Premonitions or Coincidence? With special reference to both my mother and the late Steve Irwin.
Two Unusual Fortune Tellers. One told the fortune of Douglas Bader, the other was a dwarf witchdoctor.
Sometimes You Need a Good Witchdoctor. Especially if your jewels are stolen.
They Saw It Coming. But they still could not avoid their fate.
Why Psychics Don't Win Lotteries. The U.S. Government's psychic spies found out why.
The Psychics and the Saucers. When the U.S. psychics spied on Soviet targets, they saw more than they expected.
Telepathy Anyone? Tibetan mystics, a German councillor, and a group of Londoners all prove it can be done.
A Voice Out of Nowhere.
Another Voice in the Dark
Diagnosis by ESP? At least, that's apparently what this Tibetan doctor did.

I Don't Believe in Fairies, BUT... something very strange turned up in North Carolina in 1976.
I Still Don't Believe in Fairies, BUT ... here is a collection of really weird sightings from around the world.
What Sort of People See Fairies?
Tiny Craft, Tiny Pilots. On a motorcycle, a biplane, or flying saucers, the pilots were only a few inches high.
Attempted Abduction by "Gnomes". A lady came to me with the most extraordinary personal story I have ever heard.
A Plague of Goblins in Argentina. 2002 was a very good year for mysterious small beings to suddenly make an appearance.
Results of the New Fairy Census

Tracey's Ghost. A remarkable story told to me by a young lady I met.
The Haunted Movie Star. Other bloggers have made casual reference to Elke Sommer's haunted house, but I appear to be the only one who kept the full story written by her husband.
The Ghost and Betty Hill. Betty Hill is famous for her involvement in the first published alien abduction event. But she also knew a very interesting ghost.
A Walk to the Place of Dread. At Kiribati there is a path where only the dead walk.
Haunted - But Not By Ghosts. This is one of the most uncanny, and terrifying, hauntings I have ever heard about.
She Saw Dead People. Some people are "sensitive".
The Ghost That Stumbled. Since a ghost is not solid, how can it make a noise when it stumbles?

My UFO Sightings. I won't call them flying saucers, let alone visitors from outer space, but they were never identifed, were definitely flying, and were presumably objects.
Poor Blooming Aliens! They set down on a nice spot on a strange planet, and up comes some crazy native.
UFOs over Boiani - in Father Gill's Own Words. The multiple witness UFOs display is Papua is one of ufology's "classic cases". I was lucky enough to obtain the original report.
UFOs Over Papua - the Same Nights as Father Gill. For completeness, here is what other people were seeing at the same time.
This is NOT an Aeroplane. Don't believe everything von Däniken tells you.
What Happened to Their Planet? Two independent alien abduction cases confirm something strange.
The Psychics and the Saucers. When US psychics spied on Soviet targets, they saw more than they expected.
The "Mince Pie Martians": the Original Account. This is one of the weirdest stories of alien visitation. The references you will find on the internet are summaries referring back to secondary sources. This is the original.

A Spot of Rain for the Queen
A Witchdoctor Who Really Could Make It Rain
The Man Who Could Summons Porpoises 
The Unholy Power. Beware! This power does not come from God.
The Strange Power of the Ant Whisperer. Who would guess that some Africans can command driver ants?
A Visit from the Wer-Cassowary. Of course, a man can't change himself into a big, flightless bird - but what other explanation was there?

A Deep Sea Merman, 1571. Trust me, this was no manatee.
The Sweating Cross of Madras. A recent report from India suddenly reminded me of some unusual events which took place over a period of 153 years in another Indian church.
An Unusual Miracle in Houston. I don't normally consider accounts of weeping pictures, but this one coincided with two amazing healing miracles.
On Tulpas, Guardian Angels, and Figments of the Imagination. Something came back with her from the Other Side. But first we need to know more about the interface of psychology and psychic phenomena.
The Lights That Presaged Death. You don't want these lights to arrive on your house!
The Light on the Jungle Trail. The famous Bernard O'Reilly told this story.
When the Devil Talks in Tongues. You don't believe in possession? Neither did the exorcist, until ...
The English Werewolf. You still don't believe in demonic possession? Then try this for size.
An Unusual Cure for a Transsexual. This is a mental disorder which cannot be cured - unless you invoke the supernatural.
The Taboos of Tsodilo. A series of remarkable coincidences when a taboo was broken.
Stanley's Near-Death Experience.  Something you didn't know about the famous explorer.
An Early Near Death Experience
Phantom Leopards and Collective Hallucinatons.  A psychological thread connecting a voodoo ritual, a Spanish church, Mormon temple, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Very Strange Visitors. Not your regular "man in black"
Even Stranger Visitors. They were not flesh and blood, but they inflicted a near fatal disease. Where the hell did they come from?
Of Course, Santa Claus Can Do It. At Christmas time I decided to point out that all of Santa's alleged exploits can be explained by known paranormal phenomena.
Flames Roaring Out of Her Mouth. If you don't believe in spontaneous human combustion, you ought to be aware that it has actually been witnessed.
Smoke Billowing from the Newspaper. Almost as amazing as spontaneous human combustion.
It Happened to Them! A review of a remarkable book on the paranormal
They Met the Man Who Wasn't There. How can you see a person in one place when he is really in another?
Australian Poltergeists: a Review
Walk on Your Hands! Something in the flat had a very strange effect on those who entered.
It Came Out of the Basement. Was it a paranormal or a psychological phenomenon?
Mysterious Big Birds. They sound like flesh and blood, but there was a lot of weirdness attached.
Séance at Endor, 1000 BC. The link between the "witch" of Endor and modern mediums.
The Psychics of Ape Canyon. What you didn't know about the classic "bigfoot" story.
The Phantom Hotel Attic.  Strange people in the barroom and a hotel wing which didn't exist.
The Wolf Children of Midnapore. They couldn't possibly been raised by wolves, but what is the alternative?
The Saga of the Monkey Girl. Examines Marina Chapman's account of living as a feral child with monkeys.
A Few Run-of-the-Mill Miracles. Of course, healing miracles occur. Here are a few well documented ones out of many.
Hallucinations in Comas. This appears to be a rare and variable psychological event.
A Poltergeist on a Goods Train?
Ultimate Weirdness from the Timmerman Files. What can I say? These cases are too weird to categorize.
A "Jinn" in Transylvania. Transylvania. Money out of nowhere. A playful spirit. A map for buried treasure. What else do you want?
"Gigantic Birds" and "Bedroom Visitors". Things you'd never expect while waiting for the bus, or lying in your bed.
When the Floor Gaped Open it beckoned them to another reality.
Goblins, Shadows, and Unholy Things. Be Afraid. Be very afraid.
Weird Happenings at the Battle of Acoma. The Indians knew they were defeated when something strange happened.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Weird Happenings at the Battle of Acoma

     God, gold, and glory should have been the motto of the Spanish conquistadors. Possessed of an inordinate greed for wealth and power, combined with a hypocritical, but nevertheless sincere, religious zeal, they cut a swathe of cruelty and plunder through Central and South America. In the pursuit of these goals they were prepared to endure any hardship, and face any odds. Though their crimes were execrable, their deeds were nevertheless some of the most heroic ever recorded. This story is about the Massacre at Acoma in January 1599, but more particularly some very strange incidents at its climax.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Goblins, Shadows, and Unholy Things

    I regard the paranormal as a big jigsaw puzzle, of which most of the pieces are missing, and the major aim of this blog is to collect and present some of those pieces which are in danger of being overlooked or lost. For this reason, I do not normally report items which have appeared on somebody else's website. Nevertheless, I make an exception when the item is quite at variance with the normal theme of the website, and is in danger of being lost among the other details. Thus, the story of the psychics of Ape Canyon came from the Bigfoot Encounters website. Likewise, the tale of the miniature flying cyclist was discovered in the Castle of Spirits website, which contains literally hundreds of first hand testimonies of ghostly encounters. Nevertheless, a few of them are not what you might call run-of-the-mill ghost stories. Let's have a look at a few.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

When the Floor Gaped Open

     One of the interesting aspects of anomalies is that sometimes the really unusual, rare phenomena - so rare that they are usually overlooked - can be well documented. Thus, the case of the talking stovepipe was meticulously investigated by the police and other city officials, not to mention the crowds which gathered round. Similarly, the room that forced people to walk on their hands was investigated on the orders of the local magistrate. And the terrifying experience of a couple in Bristol in 1873 had its day in court.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Can Anyone Live Without Eating?

     I had already planned to write this article in this month, and only later realised how timely it would be. Right now we are in the midst of Lent and, as we shall see, some people take it to a whole new level.
     In A. J. Cronin's novel, The Keys of the Kingdom there is a nine day wonder when a girl is alleged to be living without food, and the congregation consider it a miracle until the priest discovers that she is being fed surreptitiously. But what can we think when there is strong evidence that things like that have actually taken place?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Levitating Saints - and Others

     During my visit to Bhutan, one of my travel companions made a reference to levitation practised in Tibetan monasteries, and I commented that I wouldn't rule it out. "I'm glad you don't reject it," said our host (or our guide, I forget which).
    "In our society," I replied, "it occurs among two different types of people: Christian mystics, and the demon possessed."

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Results of the New Fairy Census

     The results of the new fairy census are now at hand. The last census began in 1955, and took almost 60 years to find a publisher. Now, due to the wonders of the internet, the new one can be downloaded as a free e-book of 5.02 MB, the result of a survey by the new Fairy Investigation Society. The original FIS was composed essentially of New Age cranks. The new FIS, with which I am a member, is as much concerned with folklore as with the paranormal, and with respect to the latter, they maintain an open mind, but not so open that their brains fall out. The earlier survey was conducted by paper and postage, while the new one involved a questionnaire on the FIS's website, which means it would only have been accessed by someone with an actual interest in the subject, albeit after being alerted to it by social media or other advertisements. The author concedes that a few jokes or hoaxes have crept in, but feels that the vast majority of respondents were sincere. Having read their circumstantial accounts, I am forced to agree. Of course, any individual report, no matter how seemingly sincere, may be false, but if only one is accurate, it is a whole new ball game.